How To Start Your First Website

Starting a website can be a fun and effective way to earn extra income online. Below we will give you step by step instructions on how to set up your website and start earning some cash on the side.

Step 1: Decide What You Want Your Website To Be About

The first thing you will want to do is decide what topic your website is on! It could be about your hobbies, a topic you find interesting, news, politics, activism, the possibilities are pretty endless!

Step 2: Find a Host For Your Website

The next step in our process is to find a good host for your website. The hosts we would suggest are as follows –

All of these 3 options have great hosting at affordable rates, you can’t go wrong choosing one of these 3. You’ll want to pick whatever the cheapest and most basic plan is in the beginning since your website is brand new you won’t need fancy hosting yet!

Step 3: Choose a Domain Name

Now is the fun part, you get to decide on a domain name! Usually, domain names will be about $10 but can be up to $100 if you want something special (for example a .hello instead of a .com). For this guide, I’d suggest you just stick with .coms.

You want your domain name to be related to whatever topic you decide on and be easily memorable. Also, it helps to think of something catchy or unique!

Step 4: Setup WordPress

WordPress is incredible easy to setup, and the hosts that we suggested all have the option for a “1 click” installation.

If you need help you can always visit WordPress for additional information on how to install.

Step 5: Start Writing Great Content

Great content is the meat of your website, and this is what gets people to visit and, most importantly, return!

This part will take a lot of effort because you really want to write great articles that people find enjoyable. Try to write topics about new things, or if you have fresh ideas those work too!

You’ll also need to continuously add additional content to your website, this isn’t something you do once and then are done forever! You need to be sure to add at least a few new articles per week for your viewers to read.

Step 6: Getting People To Visit Your Website

Now comes the hard part, getting people to visit your website! Usually, after you begin publishing articles you will begin seeing some visitors. This is because search engines will index your site, and then your site will show up when people search on a search engine. There are other methods you can use to get people to visit your site and we’ll go over them below.

The best places to start are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (if your site is image heavy, think photography), or other social media sites. We highly suggest that you setup a Facebook page and Twitter account for your website and send out updates whenever you write fresh content. You will also want to interact with your audience daily if you can.

Step 7: How To Make Money With Your Website

The next step is the one I’m sure you’ve been waiting for! Now it’s time to figure out how to monetize your website and make some side cash from it. The best methods are adding advertisements to your site, writing sponsored posts, or finding affiliate offers that fit your website.

If you are interested in setting up advertisements then we suggest going with Google Adsense. It’s super easy to sign up, to setup, and they have great rates!

Affiliate offers are another lucrative deal that you can use to monetize your website. How they work is that you send someone from your website to a different website and if that user buys something you get paid a certain percentage. For example, say you have a website about bodybuilding and you advertise a supplement e-commerce website. If a user on your site clicks your ad and goes to the e-commerce website and buys $100 worth of product, the e-commerce store will pay you a percentage of that revenue, sometimes as high as 75%!

Finally, if your website really starts to gain traction you can start writing sponsored posts. One example is if you have a website about cooking and you write a sponsored post about BlueApron. They would then pay you a set fee or a certain amount any time a new user signs up from your website!

To Summarize…

Building a website can be a great way to earn some extra income on the side, and can be a really fun project! Not only will you learn a ton of new skills along the way, but you also can end up creating a community that you can interact with.

2 years ago