5 Tips To Increase Your Earnings With Uber

At Miss Survey, we’re always trying to find new ways to make money with your free time and one we haven’t touched on yet is Uber (or other ride-sharing services).

If you have a car, then Uber can be a great way to earn some extra money every month. You get to set your own hours, be your own boss, and you can meet people along the way! Below you’ll find some general tips that will help you on your way to earning money with Uber.

1. Know The Market You Are Working In

One of the most important things to know when starting is the area that you will be working in. This can make or break your profitability with ride-sharing services.

If you are constantly working in areas with low demand then you will eat up a lot of your earnings by driving to your passengers. Additionally, you may have a lot of downtime in between rides as well.

You want to look for hotspots for rides, for example, downtown near bars and restaurants, stadiums, or concerts. You want to be in an area with a high population density because that increases the likelihood of finding a passenger, plus those areas usually have more people in need of rides.

Another way to help with this is to install the passenger app. That way you’ll be able to see how many other Uber drivers are around you. If there are multiple exits for example at a stadium and you see a ton of Uber drivers near one of them, just drive over to the other!

2. There Are Certain Cars That Work Better For Uber

If you have a vehicle that has occupancy for more than 5 riders then we would suggest using that vehicle. If you do then you will be able to drive for Uber and UberXL. First off, UberXL allows you to earn higher rates, and second off since you are driving for both you will be available for more rides.

3. Don’t Continue Driving Around In between Rides

You’ll want to find a place that you are able to stop and wait in between your rides. You might think at first that if you drive around more, the higher the chance you’ll find another passenger, but that is normally not the case. Usually, you will just end up using more gas and putting more wear and tear on your car.

The best spot will be one that has free parking and that is close to spots you know have a lot of riders.

4. Don’t Automatically Assume Surge Pricing = More Money

You’ll see surge pricing on Uber and think “oh great, higher prices for me!” however this is rarely the case. Usually by the time you are able to get to the area, a ton of other Uber drivers will be there as well, which increases the supply and lowers prices back down to normal. So now you wasted a lot of time driving over there, along with gas, wear and tear on your car, and you won’t be making any more money than usual.

Your best bet will be to stay in an area you know has a constant stream of riders, instead of chasing surge pricing.

5. Switch Between Ride Sharing Apps

If you can you’ll want to use multiple ride-sharing apps so that you can limit your downtime. So try to get set up with Uber and Lyft!

The Uber app cannot be run in the background of your phone, but the Lyft app can! We suggest turning on the Lyft app and then keeping Uber open. Be sure to log out of the other app and decline any potential rides if you accept a ride on the other app.

Hopefully, these tips help you earn a bit of extra cash with ridesharing! We’ve found that if you implement these tips you can definitely increase your earnings, and make ride-sharing a pretty good supplemental income.

10 months ago