Making Side Cash With UberEats

If you’ve already read our other article on making a side income with Uber, then using UberEats is a no-brainer. This basically opens you up to do even more jobs which effectively lowers your downtime and can increase your earnings potential. Don’t know much about UberEats? Not to worry we’ll cover the basics and add some tips to help you increase how much you make!

What Is UberEats?

UberEats is an app that allows people to order delivery from local restaurants, and they contract drivers (like you!) to do the delivery. To become a driver you will need to be at least 19 (18 if you are delivering with a bike) and you can use a car, scooter or a bike to make deliveries.

If you’re not already a driver for Uber, then you will need to download the app and upload some documentation to be approved, after that you will be able to start doing deliveries!

After you are setup and ready to go the process is quite simple.

  • Go online in the app so you can start accepting deliveries.
  • The app will beep if you have a new delivery that you can make, you will need to tap the app to accept the delivery. After you accept the delivery you will receive directions to the restaurants.
  • Pick up the food from the restaurant and double check that you have the correct order.
  • You will now receive directions to the customer, just drive there and deliver the food. Be sure to check for special instructions from the customer (such as a gate passcode) before making the delivery.
  • Deliver the food to the customer then mark the order delivered in the app, and you’re done!
  • You can continue doing more deliveries if you want now or you can take a break.

Additional Tips For Earning Extra Money With UberEats

  • Drive during surge pricing, if there a lot of orders coming in at once, Uber begins to charge extra because there aren’t enough drivers to handle the available demand. During these times you can earn 1.5x to 2x the regular fee for deliveries.
  • Complete Quests! The Quests inside Uber are a way to gamify the experience of being a delivery driver. Now it might not be as fun as sitting at home and watching Netflix, but hitting milestones and completing achievements can make the job a bit more fun! Also when you complete different Quests you can earn extra cash.
  • Determine which trips you should accept and which you should decline. You will want to accept trips that are quick and easy. You do not want to have to drive 30 minutes to make a delivery, and then have to drive ALL the way back to do another. Try to limit your downtime to a minimal amount.
  • Use other food deliver apps! Try to sign up for GrubHub, PostMates, and DoorDash. Using these will help reduce your downtime because you will have more jobs available to you.

There you have it, you should be well prepared to earn some extra cash with UberEats!

10 months ago