Earn Cash By Charging Scooters

If you live in a big city I’m sure you’ve seen scooters popping up everywhere. Bird & Lime are the two big players right now operating the on-demand scooter rental market and they are the reason you see all those scooters. For this article, we will be focusing on Bird.

Bird is by far the largest with recent funding of $300 million. They’re in a number of large cities already and plan to expand to more.

The way these companies operate is that people can rent a scooter for a set period of time, then once they are done with it just go ahead and drop it off. You then pay for the time you used in operating it.

How Can You Earn Money Charging These Scooters?

Since there is no set location to drop off these scooters they don’t have any charging points. Bird, Lime, and other scooter companies crowdsource the finding and charging of these scooters and then pay people for doing it.

You will earn money when you go out to find scooters, charge them overnight, and then return them to a “Nest” which is just a designated location for the scooter.

How To Sign Up To Become a Bird Charger

First you will need to download the iOS or Android app. Then –

  • You give them your address so they can give you the charging supplies.
  • You need to enter your tax information that they can use for payments.
  • Scan your debit card so they know where to pay you.
  • Learn about finding, charging, and releasing Birds.

How To Begin Capturing Birds (Electric Scooters)

First, select the Charger Mode in the Bird app, you will need to switch away from being a rider to do this. Once you enter Charger Mode you will see a list of the Birds (scooters) available to catch, and how much you will be paid if you charge them by morning.

There are three different types of Birds:

  • Green – These ones have had their location recently updated and should be easy enough to find. They have the lowest payout.
  • Yellow – These haven’t had their locations updated in a while and will be a bit more difficult to find, they have a higher payout.
  • Red – These Birds haven’t been seen in a long time and the location data may be inaccurate. These ones will be the hardest to find but also have the highest payout available.

After you find the scooter, just scan the QR code on in with your app. You’ll need to have Bluetooth on to do this.

Go ahead and plug it into the charger now and wait until the light on the charger turns green (it’ll take 5-6 hours), that means the Bird is fully charged.

Finally, you’ll need to release the Bird – to do this go to “Release Birds” in your app and it will show you a location where you can drop the Bird off. Once you have dropped the Bird off in the location, go inside the app to notify Bird that you have released the scooter. That’s it you’re finished!

Hopefully, this article will help you start earning some extra cash on the side! You can expect to earn $5-$20 per scooter that you charge. At the beginning that comes out to about $15-$60 per day, but you can get more chargers and increase your earnings by charging more scooters per day. Good luck!

10 months ago