Interesting Way To Earn Extra Cash With Job Spotter

We’re always looking for more ways to help you earn an extra side income, and the latest one is pretty cool! Introducing Job Spotter, an app where you take photos of hiring signs and upload them inside the app. We think this is an easy and fun way to increase your monthly side hustle income!

First: What Is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter is an app that was launched by I’m sure most of you know what Indeed is but if not it’s one of the biggest job search engines in the world.

The only problem is, people have to go online to post job openings and not everyone does that! Some people like to do it the old fashion way where you just put a “HIRING” sign outside of your business, that is where Job Spotter comes into play.

Job Spotter was made so people just out going for a walk could take photos of these “HIRING” signs and upload them to the app. That way could add listings for companies that are hiring but don’t actually make a post online about it.

How Do You Use The Job Spotter App?

First off you will need to install the app for your iOS or Android device and sign up! After that, it’s pretty simple.

When you’re out walking around in your city and you see a hiring sign you will want to take a photo of it inside the Job Spotter app *this is important, you can’t upload the photo from your photos album*. You will need to take two separate photos one of the hiring sign and another of the storefront. Also be sure to not have any people in the photos as that will cause them to be rejected.

How Much Can You Expect To Make With Job Spotter?

With Job Spotter you earn points for every set of photos that you upload. The amount of points varies with the rarity of the hiring sign. If you upload hiring signs from regular chain businesses then you can expect to earn less, but if you find shops owned by a family (non-chain) then you can expect to earn a bit more. You should expect to bring in $10-$25 per month using this app, which isn’t too bad considering you can just take photos of hiring signs when you’re out walking around.

10 months ago