Make Money Delivering Packages With Amazon Flex

Already doing some type of ridesharing gig? Then Amazon Flex could be a great addition to boost your income. With Amazon Flex you will be doing deliveries for Amazon and you could make between $18-$25/hr.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a crowd-sourced delivery service by Amazon. They hire drivers, just like you, to deliver packages on their last mile. You will earn a bit of money for each package that you deliver, which can vary depending on the package.

How Do You Sign Up For Amazon Flex?

First, you will need to check if Amazon Flex is available in your location, right now they are operating in about 40 US cities. You can check the Amazon Flex website to see if your city is available. You will need a few things to start with Amazon Flex:

  • A vehicle: You will need at least a 4 door sedan to be able to deliver packages for Amazon flex. If you have a larger vehicle it’s better, because you can hold more packages at once.
  • You’ll need a smartphone iOS or Android with GPS and a camera on it so you can scan barcodes. Most iOS / Android devices will work for this unless you have a pretty old model.
  • Background Check: You will have to do a background check before you can start delivering. They will check your driving and criminal history, this normally takes 2 to 5 days.

You’ll want to visit their website to sign up, from there you need to install the app, and then complete the forms on the site so they know where to pay you and they will also need your tax information.

How To Make Deliveries With Amazon Flex

There are two ways to start deliveries with Amazon Flex. You either set your own schedule, and they notify you when there are opportunities available within your timeframe. Or there are short notice deliveries that can be claimed by anyone, these come on a first come first served basis and generally pay a bit higher, so you have to be quick to get one of them.

When you accept a shift, Amazon Flex will send out a notification an hour before your shift starts, telling you the location that you can pick up the items that need to be delivered. You’ll need to scan each item and load them into your car first. Next, the app will create a suggested route for you, so you don’t have to worry about navigation unless you are familiar with the area and can come up with a better route.

After a package is delivered you will need to scan the package to confirm that you made the delivery (be sure to confirm you are at the right address and check for any special instructions from the customer). Once you’ve done that with all your packages your shift is done!

Payments are sent out twice per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again as we said earlier you can expect to earn $18-$25/hr with Flex depending on the number of packages you can deliver during one of your time blocks.

That’s it! Sounds simple enough right? Amazon Flex seems to be another great option available to add to your side hustle, and definitely one of the higher paying ones. But, it does seem to be a bit more difficult because you have to deliver sometimes up to 60 packages instead of just a few at a time!

10 months ago